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How to wash lingerie.

Lingerie can be a costly investment so you want to keep them looking fresh and last as long as possible. Although most lingerie contains fibers that stretch and can lose elasticity over time, the right washing care can keep them looking bright and fitting properly far longer than just throwing them in the washing machine along with everything else.
The main supplies you need for lingerie care include gentle laundry detergent and a mesh lingerie bag.
There are two schools of lingerie care—the hand wash only school and the toss-in-the-washer crowd. There is room for both. 
You can follow the same rules for hand-washing and machine-washing knickers and bras. If they are very sheer or ornate, hand-wash. Nylon or silk should be machine washed in a mesh bag to prevent stretching and tangling. Use warm water with a delicate detergent and a cold rinse . If you prefer, cotton panties can be washed in hot water but the life of any elastic waistbands and leg bands will be shortened. If possible always air-dry all types of lingerie.

Tips for Washing All Lingerie

Every type of lingerie will last longer by following our top tips:


 1) Hand-wash in cold or warm water if you can.

 2) Never wring or twist lingerie to remove water. Use a towel to blot dry.

3) Use a detergent made for delicate garments.

4) Use a mesh lingerie bag if you have to machine wash.

5) If machine washing, wash the lingerie in a mesh bag with other delicates and remember to fasten the bras.

6)  Never overload the washer or the mesh bag. Give items plenty of room to move.

7) Avoid washing lingerie with lint-producing fabrics such as terry cloth or fleece.

8) Separate light and dark colored garments when washing by hand or machine.

9) Always air-dry lingerie. If you must use a dryer, choose the cool setting.

Hope you found that helpful and happy washing xx


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