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Full Or Classic Briefs
(Proper Pants)

A good coverage knicker that sits just under the waistband, slightly higher cut on the legs and full bum coverage. What ladies like to call “proper pants”.

This knicker is good for everyday wear if not wearing close fitting garments. The high cut on the legs is very flattering and great for elongating your legs.


Cheeky cut away back with less coverage than a full brief but more than a thong. Usually a higher cut leg.

The Brazilian is half way between a thong and a full brief. The back gives greater coverage to the bum than a thong but still leaves a little bit on show. These are a comfortable and stylish way to transition to a thong. The Brazilian is a very fashionable style due to its flattering shape and no VPL, a great choice for every day.


A feminine version of mens undershorts. The waistband sits on the hips, low cut legs with full sides and front, frame your bum perfectly.

One of the more modest of knicker options, sometimes called a culotte. They get their name from their shape, modelled after mens boxer shorts. Great for avoiding VPL. Longer cotton boy shorts are a popular choice as when teamed with a vest or camisole they are worn as loungewear.


With a high leg thongs give the least coverage. Designed to sit seamlessly under your clothes.

Widely regarded as a preventative measure for VPL, there is minimal bum coverage leaving cheeks exposed. However the thong has a narrow band of fabric rising between the cheeks. The waistband is wider and is usually cut as one piece with the rest of the garment. These are fantastic for creating a ‘barely there’ look.

High Waist

These knickers provide targeted control and give full coverage. Designed to minimise the tummy and looks great on those who are apple shaped.

This full bottom style provides the most coverage, with a high rise waist and a low cut on the legs.

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